Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marvelous November!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great thanksgiving last week! This past month has been pretty significant for our family...


Miracle of miracles! This month we bought a house. Thank you all so much for your prayers for this. We purchased the house the first week of November & Jady has been remodeling it. He tore down the popcorn ceilings, and then floated, texturized, and painted the new ceiling. Whew! In true Jady fashion he has been working hard and we are excited to move into our new house this weekend.

Here is our den...covered in popcorn ceiling debris.
 The hallway construction zone. Kids bedrooms & bathrooms will be off
this hall.

The kitchen. Getting prepared to paint the ceiling & cabinets.

Told you Jady has been working hard! We will post the after pics after we move in. Yea for a house!!!

Tait's Miracle
Tait has been in speech therapy since last fall after being diagnosed with a severe speech delay. He has been making gradual progress. Slowly he started making sounds. Then he started saying words. His vocab began to increase & conversation began to trickle. We had him re-evaluated a few weeks ago & he tested exactly where he should. He no longer has a delay & requires no more speech therapy! Whoo!!!! Way to go Tait. Thanks to each of you who prayed with us for his healing.


This is the time of year we begin to get questions from you guys about end of year giving. Some of you are looking for opportunities to give tax-deductible donations before the end of the year. Do we have a need you can give to????

YES! We are still needing $15,000 for our adoption. The process is nearing it's end, but we need this last bit of money before we can go get Ford & Etta from Uganda. If you are interested in learning about our adoption or want to know how you can make a tax-deductible gift for it, click on the 'Adoption' tab up at the top for instructions.

We love you guys so much and are SO thankful for the ways you invest in our lives. Blessings!

    The Griffins

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  1. Loved this update on so many levels. Can't wait to see what it looks like once you get into the home. Such great news about Tait and praying for all you need to adopt those 2 sweet kids. Love to you and yours.