Monday, October 24, 2011

Good News!

Hello! We have some good news to share with you. We had asked that you join us in praying for everything we needed to come together for the house we are trying to buy. We really loved this house, and it was a great fit for our growing family. But, we didn't have the money for a downpayment. Jady did several speaking engagements to earn some money & we tried to sell his car. It didn't sell and we were still over $4,000 short of the money we needed. We have been choosing to stay peaceful and believe that God would provide the money. 

On Saturday afternoon someone gave us a check for $2,000 for out down payment. As our family was celebrating and thanking God for how good he is, Jady got a phone call from a friend of ours. He asked how much money we still needed for our downpayment. We told him $2500 and he said that he will send us a check for that amount. 

God provided $4500 in 20 minutes and we are now all set to close on the home Nov. 4th. Thank you guys so much for praying. We are overwhelmed at how good God is and how people are willing to give when God leads them to. 

Some other highlights from the past few weeks:
  • Sophie turned 5 on October 10th! How is that possible??? She is loving Texas, her new school and living at Papa & Lolly's while we wait to get into our new house.
  • Tait is doing great. His speech is improving by leaps & bounds. Speech therapy starts up for him on Wednesday morning and he is excited.
  • Jady has gotten to speak at several churches & training schools this past month. He has also gotten to help coach football at Texas Christian Academy. Football & preaching...two of his favorite things!
Thanks for praying with us along this journey. We are so blessed by each of you. Have a great week!
     The Griffins

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  1. Thanks friend for taking the time to send out this update. Again marveling at His Great, Great, Great care and love for you and your family. We had gathered with the parents in our AMI group and had prayed over this so I sent it out to them as we all rejoice in answered prayer. Love to you and yours.