Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer TIme!

Wow! How is it already summer??? Our family has been quite busy these past few months & we are looking forward to a slower summer. Here are some of the happenings:

Jady's Work

Jady has been busy traveling this spring. He has visited Chicago, Dallas, College Station, San Antonio and Seattle. He has gone to speak as well as promote World Mandate Conference. If you aren't familiar with World Mandate, you can check it out here. 

It is a blessing to be a part of helping spread a passion for missions through this conference. We believe that one of the reasons God has called us back here is to help send more church planters out. What an honor!

Here is a picture of Sophie helping run the World Mandate booth at a church in Dallas. She loved going on a working trip with daddy!


Right now Liz's primary focus is playing with the kids as much as she can! These last days before Sophie starts school are precious & Liz is soaking them up. She is also still working with UnBound, Antioch's anti-trafficking initiative. UnBound is partnering with law enforcement & other organizations to stop the trafficking of people in the United States. 

Sophie & Tait

The kids are having a blast. Tait turned three in March & his speech is right on target. Whoo! He still plays the drums every day & keeps us laughing.

Sophie finished pre-school and is ready for Kindergarten in the fall. She is one smart cookie & know she will make the transition well. 

Registered For Kindergarten!!!!

Adoption Update

Many have asked what the status is of our adoption. We are on the waiting list, number 11 in line. All the paper work is finished, now we just need to wait. Uganda recently passed new laws that make it more difficult to adopt out & that makes the process run even slower. The most realistic estimate is that we would get our kids in Spring 2013. You guys have journeyed with us so faithfully.

Yes, it is discouraging. Yes, there have been a few tears. However, we really feel the peace of God & know that His timing is perfect. Keep praying for Ford & Etta :
  • Pray that we would get the perfect kids for our family.
  • Pray that they would have healthy bodies & minds. That their development would be on track.
  • Pray for the remaining $4500 of funding we need to come in.
  • Pray that God would hold them tight while they wait for us!
Things Coming Up

  • On May 31st we celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary!!!!
  • June 8-10th our family will be at a youth camp where Jady is the speaker.
  • In mid-July we go to iCON. This is Antioch's international missions conference. Jady is producing the conference - a very big job.Liz is going to help other church plants learn how to fight human trafficking in their locations. She will be teaching them what we have learned here & helping them set up UnBound in their cities. We need $2,000 for the conference. Please join us in praying that comes in as well!

What a blessing to journey with each of you! Please keep us posted on how you are doing & any ways we can be praying for you!


The Griffins