Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome 2012

Happy New Year everyone! As we have reflected on 2011, we are amazed at all that has happened! We left Seattle, stopped in San Diego for 6 months, and then followed Jesus all the way back to Waco. We have purchased a house, and started a new job...whew! This has been a busy & emotional year for us. So many transitions, and as we start this new year our family is glad to plant our feet firmly in the soil and set up a permanent home. 


Our living room all dressed for Christmas

Here is the bed Jady built for Tait's room. 

Sophie loves her new room.

Our backyard is huge...and we LOVE it.


You may remember that in our last post we said we needed approx $15,000 more for our adoption needs. Well, I (Elizabeth) had some miscommunication regarding our remaining expenses & I was wrong! We actually only owe $4500. WOW!!!! Never been so happy to find out I had made a mistake. All we have left to raise is $4500. That is amazing & I can't believe how much God has provided already. 

At this point, we have re-done our homestudy for our new house & are on the waiting list for kids. The estimated wait time is 8 months. We are praying that it is sooner, but we are just happy to see the end in sight after 2 years of being in the process. Thanks so much for all of your prayers! 


Jady is back in full-swing work mode. He has his hands in quite a few things, but his main job is World Mandate. He is helping produce the conference as well as promote it to surrounding universities & churches. This conference is key in allowing more people to be exposed to God's heart for the nations. Many of Antioch's church planters around the globe look back to their attending a World Mandate as key to God calling them into full time ministry. Jady is excited to expose more people to the conference and help get more missionaries on the field. Thanks for all the ways you partner with us to make it happen. To learn more about World Mandate, visit the World Mandate website.

1. Jady will be doing quite a bit of traveling to speak at a variety of churches and training schools in the next few months. Pray for safe travel as he goes and a peaceful home while he is away. 

2. Keep praying for our adoption:
  • the remaining $4500 to come in
  • that the process would move speedily now that we are on the waiting list
  • pray for Ford & Etta - that God would keep them safe, healthy & love on them while they are waiting to come into our home.
3. Upcoming Expenses : We will be going to a conference for international missionaries this summer. We will have the opportunity to minister to these church planters in a variety of ways. It is something we are honored to be able to do, but it costs about $2500. Join us in praying for all the finances to come in. 

Thanks for walking life out with us, following Jesus with us and supporting us in what we are doing. We love you guys!

The Griffins

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  1. Loved this update on so many levels and so appreciate how you life. Thanks for sharing friend.