Friday, July 22, 2011

July Has Come & Gone

Popcicles on the Doorstep

The summer is half gone & God has done some big things. Below are a few testimonies of what God has been up to in San Diego & our lives over the past month.

  •  In the past month almost 30 people made decisions to follow Jesus!
  •  A man from Iran came to church because he wanted to know more about Jesus. A friend of ours began meeting with him for weekly discipleship & this Iranian man is SO hungry. He reads his Bible for 30 minutes every night!
  • Tait had been denied continued financial scholarship for his speech therapy. Insurance didn't fully cover it & we were left without the help that Tait needs to overcome his speech barriers. After 2 weeks of unreturned phone calls a lady named Esther calls me back. As I am explaining our financial situation she asked about the adoption we are in middle of. She screamed at me over the phone when I told here we were adopting from Uganda. She was from Uganda...the same city we are adopting from! She fell in love with me then and had Tait's speech fully covered until he turns 3 in March! He happily resumed speech therapy this past week. Praise God!
  • As you know, we are in the process of adopting a little boy and a little girl from Uganda. The main hurdle is the financial cost of adopting. This week we received a $6,000 grant towards getting these little kids home to us!!!!! That brings the remaining amount we need to $18,000. God can do it! If you are interested in helping us reach our goal, check out the adoption tab at the top of the blog. 
Prayer Requests
  • Our network of churches is having a conference in North Carolina next week. Jady's parents are watching the kids while we are there. Flights were really expensive, so we are driving, yes driving with another couple from All People's Staff. We leave tomorrow night and drive non-stop until we arrive on Monday at the conference center! Whew! I'm sure it will be one for the memory books. Please pray that we have safe travels, our kids do well, and that God really speaks to our hearts while we are there. 
  • Pray for the remaining $18,000 we need for our adoption. 
  • After the conference, Jady is flying to Texas to lead worship at a youth camp there. Pray that he would be refreshed in the midst of a busy schedule and that God would move powerfully in these kids lives.
Thanks so much for living life with us. We love you guys! 

The Griffins

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