Friday, June 24, 2011

Fifi and Adoption Grants

Sophie & Baxter resting in the shade

We have a newfound family routine for these summer afternoons.  When Tait wakes up from his afternoon nap, the kids & I go out on the front little courtyard. We eat popsicles and sit in the shade with the dog. It is a fabulous tradition!

Tait's Speech Testimony

At Tait's most recent speech assessment just a few months ago the results were a bit rough. They said that his receptive language (what he understood) was at the level of a one year old & his verbal language was at a 9 month old level. He is two. So, thats a bit of a bummer. You guys have joined with us in praying and these past few months he has made massive strides in his speech. They just updated his receptive speech to being at a 2 year old level. Thank you Jesus! He is saying new words almost every day & we are so encouraged. He can't say Sophie's name yet, so he now calls her 'Fifi'. Its pretty cute if I do say so myself. Thanks for your prayers, they are working!
Tait & Fifi after baths

All People's Church Turned 3!!!

A few weeks ago All People's Church celebrated it's 3rd birthday. God has done so much over the past three years in this city. Check out this video that shares some of the testimonies people had to share: All People's Birthday. Our family is so blessed that we get to work with these amazing people at our church.

Adoption Grants 

We still have $25,150 to raise for our adoption. One of the grants we applied for will be reviewing applications this week to determine who to award money to. We would appreciate your prayers that we would receive one of their grants. If you want to know more about our story of adoption, click on the 'Adoption' tab at the top.

Thanks so much for being on this journey with us. Love you guys!

The Griffin Fam

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  1. Love this update Liz! So amazing how well Tait is doing. Praying for the grant and the money needed for the adoption.