Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello all! We hope that you guys had a great Easter. We had a blast here in San Diego. Church was so much fun. Jady was the creative force for the Easter service and it was amazing. We had a choir, amazing worship, a spoken word, a dance, and scripture read in five different languages. It was such a sweet representation of what we have to look forward to in heaven. We had 385 people attend the service and 12 people gave their lives to Jesus! Whoo!!! What an awesome day.

Several people have asked for an update on adoption. We were given some misinformation before we moved regarding the transfer of our documents between states. It turns out that our homestudy document will not transfer because it was not filed by an agency licensed to perform adoptions in California. What does that mean??? We have to do it again. It is about a 6 month process and will cost another $5,000. It is a bunch of paperwork, physicals, interviews...So, we will be a bit delayed in the process. It was a bit discouraging, but we trust God and know that He is leading us every step of the way.

We applied for a grant this past week. We won't find out if we get one or not for a few months. The overall cost we have left to raise is around $20,000. We would appreciate your prayers that God would provide for all of these costs. We will keep you posted.

Sophie has started ballet class. One of the girls who goes to All People's Church is a dancer and does a private lesson with Sophie in our living room. It is a ball to watch and I wish you guys could see it. Tait's speech therapy has begun and he seems to keep improving. He is still about a year behind on his speech, but he learns new sounds every day. Thanks for all your prayers on this issue.

That is it for now, and we hope that you guys have a fabulous week!

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