Friday, March 4, 2011

3 More Days...

Wow! What a ride it has been. In three days we will leave this amazing city that has stolen our hearts. What an honor to live whole-heartedly for a group of people. Genuinely an honor. The past month has flown by. We found a house in California just hours before we boarded a plane to come back to Seattle. Thanks to all who prayed for the perfect place! It is a great 4 bedroom that will work well for our expanding family.

The reality that we are leaving has come in waves. Some days are emotional and others feel like we are packing for a vacation or a short term trip. Many of you have asked how Sophie is handling it. For the most part she is doing great. The thought of frequent trips to the beach sound fun and she looks forward to some sunshine. Other times she cries and doesn't want to leave her friends at her school and church. It's up and down, but the majority of the time she thinks the idea is a fun one. Of course, we would appreciate your prayers that she adjusts well and loves her life down there.

The past few weeks have brought plenty of time for reflection. Memories of our move up here and the God-sized dreams we had for this place. Our first sunday services gathered a handful if any. Half-nights of prayer asking Jesus to move and stir the hearts of people here. Then God began to build. A few college students who joined in with us. A salvation. Mike Allen (the first salvation at Mosaic) is now completely transformed & attends our discipleship training school.

Growth continued. More people were challenged by the vision and made Mosaic their home church. Worship bands started, training schools started, children were born and leaders arose. Last week we sang a worship song written by one of our band members...the chorus is " He will raise Seattle". Beautiful the story He is writing. There were also 176 people at our service.

It's mind-blowing to imagine all that God has done. I could go on for hours and hours recounting the things He has done. During all this reflection, two things kept coming to mind.
1. God is faithful. He keeps ALL of His promises. And He will continue to be faithful to Mosaic long after we are gone.
2. This is YOUR story. None of this would have been possible if you guys hadn't carried our family, church and Seattle in your prayers. Believing with us for His promises to come about. You invested your finances to see the Kingdom advanced here. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every second spent praying and dollar spent supporting what God is doing here. You own this story as much as we do. THANK YOU!

Amid all the tears about leaving , we are FULL of expectation regarding what God is going to do with us in San Diego. And you will each own that story too! A few things you can pray for as we move:

1. Emotional grace as we say goodbye.
2. Moving expenses. As you know, it is pricy to move and set up house.
3. Travel mercies!!! It will be a four day road-trip. Jady will be driving a 24 ft. moving truck and I will be in the mini-van with two kids and an 80 lbs dog. Yea...we could use some prayer! I am believing that this will be a fun and refreshing time together.

Okay, we love you guys and will keep you posted!


  1. Hi sweet friend! I just found your blog and look forward to seeing how God is moving in your life! :-) Good luck in your big move! :-)

  2. Loved your update and can't wait to hear the next chapter of your book. God seems to be moving people around right now. Thanks for listening well.

  3. Absolutely amazing, Liz. We attend a church plant here in Midlothian. When my family and I began attending, my husband and I were two of maaaaaaybe 20 in the congregation. In the three short years since then, we have grown to close to 500. God is stirring the people here, and it is absolutely amazing.

    Good luck to you guys. God has a plan and He is GOOD.


  4. YAY!!! Love your blog and love you. I have and will continue to pray for grace... for you as you leave and for your sweet Sophie as she adjusts to her new surroundings/school/church, etc. I pray God would keep you safe and well as you travel and pour out a financial blessing you won't be able to contain. I pray for divine appointments all along the way and I know He is orchestrating hungry people who will be smack-dab in your path when you get to San Diego. Be blessed and may your joy be full and your journey peaceful. In the precious and powerful name of Jesus.